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It's time to Get a Clu

We are shattering barriers to entry for the overlooked and underutilised talent that rec-tech doesn't currently support or recognise.


Where it all began

Most people have a bad experience with recruitment. 

And we were no different.

Like most people, we regularly experienced barriers to entry and exclusion in the job market.

Organisations said they were inclusive, but this only seemed genuine once you were hired. That's why we created a new hiring process that gives everyone a greater opportunity to demonstrate their talent and get interviews in an equitable and accessible environment. 

Everyone deserves to feel valued, included and set up for success in the hiring process. And we won't stop until we achieve that reality.

Cayelan & Joseph

Founders of Clu - recruitment technology start up - inclusive recruitment - diversity hiri

Join the conversation

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As a research and data-led organisation, Clu is constantly crunching numbers to understand the state of hiring across our three key data sets: skills, geographies and demographics.


These insights, usually presented to Think Tanks and Governments, are being made readily available to all people committed to progress in our LinkedIn community.

Request access to The Future of Recruitment group on Linkedin here.

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