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Getting the most from our Community Partner Programme

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

So you're considering partnering with us. Great! We'd love to work with you. But to ensure you've got the most precise picture of how the Community Partner Programme works and its benefits, we thought we'd lay it out in this article.

What is Clu, and who do we work with?

Clu is a skills-based hiring platform. We help employers better understand the skills they're hiring for and then match opportunities to job seekers with those skills. This significantly improves the experience and accuracy of the application process for everyone.

The jobs in Clu are all skills-based and are from major employers through innovation and impact organisations, scale-ups and charities. The organisations you find have all been vetted for their provision of support for vulnerable communities across their hiring programmes. If an organisation cannot demonstrably prove processes for reasonable adjustments for a vulnerable community, as outlined by our Safeguarding Policy, they will not be able to post opportunities to that community until they can prove provision. Simple.

Who are our Partners?

Partnering with Clu is centred around scaling the opportunities available to the people you support. Whether in education, skills and development or economic and social empowerment, our partners all have one thing in common: improving the outcomes of others.

Our Community Partners provide incredible support to people and get them ready for employment. They often also offer ongoing support as job seekers look for new career options, supporting them through the application and interview process.

Partner organisations include:

ID: Logos of Clu partner organisations includes World Skills UK, University of Oxford, Ingeus, Coventry University, University of Portsmouth, Centre Point, Not Going to Uni, Social Mobility Foundation, Birkbeck University and Job Centre Plus.

Why join the programme?

We have one of the fastest-growing referral networks in the UK, mainly because we have co-created it with the social, education and civic sectors to ensure it works and adds value where it's needed most.

Below are the benefits of joining the programme:

Equity of Opportunity: Clu is a skills-based hiring platform. Our job seekers benefit significantly from increased access to opportunities because their applications are centred around what they can and are best at, not what they've done before.

Psychological Safety: Because every opportunity presented in Clu is personalised to the individual's skills and then graded from Great Match to Match, we help job seekers prioritise the roles they're most likely to be successful in applying for. This is challenging the perception bias people have against themselves and what they're capable of but also increased the application to interview rate of our users by up to 60%

Safeguarded, Inclusive and Accessible: Clu is the only platform in the market that sets every user up for success when using it. Our systems are accessible, neuro-inclusive and pioneer safeguarding principles, ensuring that if job seekers have additional support needs, they won't be met with blockers in realising their potential or employers that just want to use their demographic's inclusion for reporting purposes.

Community: People usually join Clu for job opportunities but stay for the community. We host free monthly digital events covering confidence building, career exploration and meeting prospective employers. We also have an active following on social media and are always looking for new ways to get more of our community by involving them in our campaigns and content.

Social reinvestment: Many organisations leverage the identities of underutilised talent for commercial gain but do nothing to sustain or give back to the communities they trade. But not us. If you are a registered charity, you can sign up for our social reinvestment programme. As part of our social impact pledge, we have committed to reinvest in our charity partners for everyone who finds work through us.

Internal opportunities: As a participant in our partner scheme, you can also use the Clu system to post and promote your internal vacancies, apprenticeships, internships and volunteering opportunities.

Simplicity: It takes us less than a minute to set you up on Clu, and after a 30-minute system induction to ensure all those that will interface with people using Clu know how to use it, you are ready to go. Oh yes, and it's free.

Now there's only so much we can fit onto this page before it gets too long. But you get the picture. We exist to make the working world work for everyone. You play a vital part in helping us achieve that reality, so we have made working with us as valuable and beneficial to you as possible.

If you'd like to discuss how Clu can help you scale the impact you offer, book an initial call with Kamil, our Partnerships Manager, using the link below.

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