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The Learning Lab: Inclusive Recruitment

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The business case for diversity and inclusion is clear to us all. Business leaders are putting more focus on diversity and inclusion now that tangible benefits are more quantifiable. Thanks data!

In a recent study by PwC, 79% of international business leaders agreed that enhanced customer satisfaction was a core outcome from a diverse and inclusive workforce, with 85% believing it enhanced business performance, and yet we still create significant barriers to entry for vast pools of skilled workers, just because they come from non-traditional backgrounds.

There are many ways we can all make a difference as we continue to embrace diversity and inclusion and one way is to start looking at how we recruit.

The diversity and inclusion interventions available to businesses have certainly improved in recent years - but most organisations are still feeling the pressure to do more to improve representation throughout their ranks.

With over 22M people losing their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic, we know that the talent is out there. It's just the way we see it, qualify it and understand it remains the blocker for most institutions.

Over our years of research into building high-performing and diverse workforces, we've found that implementing hiring strategies that focus on transferable and technical skills and strategies that encourage collaboration between team members is the key to incremental improvement.

Now, we know Rome wasn't built in a day. Many of the systemic interventions needed may take some time to imbed in your processes. But there are also several quick adjustments you can make to quickly add value to marginalised communities, resulting in greater EVP, applications and trust.

Check out our latest resource from The Learning Lab to see some quick tips.

Clu Learning Labs - Inclusive Recruitment Best Practice
Download PDF • 1.69MB


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