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The Learning Lab - Trans & Non-Binary Inclusion

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Happy #transdayofvisibility, you wonderful people.

On this day, we focus on the celebration and empowerment of trans and non-binary people whilst not forgetting the perennial responsibility we have to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by trans and non-binary people worldwide.

From the news, yesterday of Arkansas's ban on healthcare support for trans youth in the US to the UK government scrapping the much-needed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act last year, our trans friends and colleagues need our support more than ever.

But more so than ever, as with Black and Asian communities, we need to be showing up with more purpose than we have done previously, as the threat to existence and equity remains very present for our Trans and non-binary siblings, and it is not backing down.

We've created a simple guide to help you get started, but please don't let it end there. Contact and work with experts with lived experience who can help inform your journey and choices in allyship. Don't fall at the first hurdle.

Some highly recommended practitioners are tagged below:

It's always an honour to elevate and champion inclusion for our transgender and non-binary friends, colleagues and community, but we must do better. We must do more.

Clu Learning Labs- Trans & Non-binary Inclusion
Download PDF • 1.97MB


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