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The Learning Lab - Hiring Refugees & Displaced People in the UK

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

There are now more than 84 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, including 26.6 million refugees, an increase of over 25% in the last few years.

There are around 400,000 refugees in the UK, with around 53% living in London.

Refugees flee to the UK in fear; they flee from persecution and war. Despite high unemployment levels, the great majority desire to contribute to the country that has given them refuge.

If people make it through the challenging Home Office system and are granted refugee status, they remain trapped by their circumstances on benefits or in low-paid work that doesn’t utilise their skills.

Refugees are forced to navigate a new city, job market, culture and language, often with no support network, meaning they are left to face these barriers on their own. Businesses are uniquely positioned to do something about this but often find a comfortable suite of reasons to stay parked at "promises".

Most employers are not confident in employing non-EU migrants, including refugees from the UK and those who do not have a UK passport, because they have not received training or support.

In our latest guide, we wanted to quash some common myths around hiring refugees and offer tangible advice in unlocking the amazing talent within the UK refugee community.

Clu Learning Labs - Hiring Refugees & Displaced People in the UK
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